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Cypress Cypress at Valley Grove Estates
Howell Road at Oleander Drive
Chowchilla, CA 93610
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Community Profile

Chowchilla, California
Situated in Madera County, Chowchilla covers 4 square miles. It is ideal for new businesses and offers a stable, clean environment for families to live and rear children.

Chowchilla is rich in historical sites, once home to the Chowchilla Indians who lived along the several channels of the Chowchilla River in the plains region of Central California. From what is known the tribe may have well been very populous and were a warlike one and the name Chowchilla was a byword for bravery to the southernmost end of Yokuts territory in the southern end of the San Joaquin Valley.

In February of 1923 the City of Chowchilla was incorporated as a city of the sixth class and has grown to what it is today, a thriving agricultural and manufacturing community whose crops make it a part of the backbone of the economy of our state. Chowchilla currently has grown to a population of approximately 15,000.

Climate (Year Average):
Jan. Minimum Temperature33.5
July Maximum Temperature99.6
Yearly Average Temperature61.9
Yearly Average Rainfall10.03"

Rail:Santa Fe and Union Pacific Railroads
Truck:27 Common Carriers and 9 General Haulers
Air:Fresno Yosemite International Airport is 34 miles south
Bus:Greyhound Lines and local public transportation (CATX)
Highways:State Freeway 99, State Route 233, Interstate Freeway 5 is five miles west via State Route 152

Local:3 Elementary Schools
1 Middle School
1 High School
Regional:Merced College 20 miles North
University of Merced (under construction)

Cultural & Recreation
  • 1 18-Hole golf course completed with an additional 18-holes master planned for future construction along with a 9-hole executive course.
  • Library
  • 3 Parks
  • 4 Playgrounds
  • Sheltered picnic and barbeque facilities
  • Senior Citizen center
  • Community sports center/gym and rental facilities
  • Community swimming pool
  • Berenda Reservoir and recreational area.

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