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Clyde Miles Construction Co. Concord Impressive Five Star Review by Sue B.
Good Morning,
We purchased our first Clyde Miles home years past in Coalinga, CA. We have since had to relocate to Hanford, CA where the city is BOOMING. The houses being build here are a total disgrace!!!!!! Terrible workmanship.

To get right to the point. Come build houses here, please please please. Fresno has become so crime ridden that many people want to live away from where they work. Hanford is approximately 40 min commute and they are more than willing to make the drive!!!! We do not want mansions. We want quality quality quality. I cannot say enough nice things about the single story home we purchased or the floor plan we purchased while in Coalinga, CA.

Thank you for listening and for houses that we turn into homes.
Good Day,
I wanted to take a moment and send a little praise your way.

We just recently purchased and moved into one of Clyde Miles' beautiful homes in Coalinga, CA. This is not our first new home purchase.

The staff in Coalinga is outstanding. Starting at the Sales office and continuing on through to the follow‐up care.

Construction Supervisor Mike is fantastic, along with foreman Rosalio. Though there were not and are not many repairs or problems with our home, any that had to be made or touch‐ups done, were done almost the moment we mentioned them and done correctly. ALL the employees are polite and professional. We are so very p1eased and would recommend one of these homes without reservation.

We have told each and everyone what a great job they are doing and how much we appreciate their skill. We feel it important that your office also be aware of what a fantastic group of employees you have working for you.

It seems that these days everyone has complaint boxes and no "Attaboy" boxes. So here is a BIG "Attaboy" to all the staff in Coalinga.

Happy Home Owners,
Todd & Angela Duvall
Good morning - I love to pass this information on — but let me tell you the following first:

In signing with the Cressman, Mr. Cressman asked me about "The Builder." He asked if I have had any complaints about the builder. How long I had worked with the builder and are they a good builder? And of course I know before I gave him my answer what he was thinking — "Of course she will only say good things about the builder. They work together." I answered him truthfully. I told him that I have not had one client from Clyde Miles comes in and complains, nor says anything negative. And I am not just saying that to say it. Clyde Miles is a reputable builder and stands behind his homes.

This morning I received a phone call from Mr. Cressman regarding a question on his closing package. I was glad to hear him saying that Old Republic Title did a great job and was very pleased with the way we handled his escrow. But most of all I was pleased to hear him saying how pleased he was with Clyde Miles Construction. The house was beautiful. The people were out there fixing things that needed fixing and fixing things he was not aware of that needed fixing. He said this builder really takes care of his customers like no other builder that he has dealt with before.

With that said, "Congratulations to Clyde Miles Construction." I am proud to work with them too.

Kat - Kathleen Mortensen Escrow Officer Old Republic Title
It's wonderful to get a live voice instead of an answering machine when I call the main office.Brad and Penny Anderson
Both Dan and I get the feeling that the folks at Clyde Miles Construction really care.John and Elizabeth Davis
If they promise that a problem will get taken care of and give me a date when it will be done by, it does.Mark and Peggy Walters
Everyone from Donna in Sales to Kass in the Design Center to Mike, the superintendent, went out of their way to make our new home just the way we wanted it. We could not be happier.Ken and Donna Argiro
After our financial problems, I didn't think we could ever buy a home. Ida worked with us for months to help get our credit straightened out so that we could qualify at a great rate and at a payment that we could afford.Dave and Melissa Smith
I just want to say how happy my family and I are that we made the decision to build with Clyde Miles Construction. I was nervous about how the process would go and the thought of building a house that you had only looked at on blue print. But with the help of Russ and Dana, the process was so painless that it was actually a relief. The knowledge and the compassion that they gave to my family was just unbelievable. The honesty that they exhibited to us was extraordinary. I told them when our home was complete that I would recommend Clyde Miles Construction to any of my family and friends because they made this such a wonderful experience. If you are out there and you don't own a home or are just looking for something new, I highly recommend coming to our neighborhood because it is great.Tom and Diane Bushnell
Thank you for the beautiful gift basket that was waiting on us at our home after we closed. We love our home and have heard nothing but good things about Clyde Miles Construction. We have been so pleased also with your entire staff. Everyone is very good at what they do and is always prompt and pleasant. It sure makes buying a home easier. Your Project Manager, Steve, really stayed on top of things. Our house was in mint condition when we moved in. So to sum things up,buying your home was a pleasant, enjoyable and happy experience. Thanks to all for a job well done! We wish you much continued success. With your company's great work ethic I'm sure you will go for. Again thanks for making the house buying experience sucha wonderful time in our lives.Jake and Sue Blake
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